bootstrap multi selector cascade

Hi All,  I want to make the cascade like A→ B → C → D.   AB is reference selector,   CD is bootstrap mutil selector.  I made a microflow on OnChange event of A to ‘commit objects’ (B ‘ S data source),  the B can be automatically cascaded.  But when I did the same thing in B to commit C’s data source objects,  it doesn’t work on C.  is it caused to selector’s different kinds, is there any way to change C based on B selection ?   Thanks!
1 answers
  • It seems like custom search you are building
  • Given the actual problem is solved by using refresh in client
  • For your additional question how to fix refresh of data
    • Have a search button and only when you click search button
    • Show the results
    • When changing the filter, simply refresh your screen
    • Thus you will mimic the default search behavior as in datagrid