Add objects to Data view from nanoflow dynamically

I have 2 entity's, 'Activity' and 'Action'. Action is associated with Activity. on clicking of an add button I need to create a new object of action and show it in the grid. when ever add button clicks new object should add to the data grid. How i can achieve the scenario. Please refer my screen design for better understanding
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I don't see any data grid in the picture, but do you mean a new “Action name” field should be added when you click the “+” button?

If so: 

  • make the page have an “Activity” page parameter, so everything on the page will be in the context of the activity.
  • Add a list view over association that shows all actions that are associated to the activity
  • When the user clicks the “+” button, create a new “Action” object in the nanoflow under that button and associate it with the “Activity” 
  • The new action should now automatically appear in your list