Data Grid 2 (Data Widgets) Drop Down Filter

I am using Mendix Pro 9.6 and using the Data Widgets module for the data grid 2. I have a domain model where we have entities with string attributes that we allow the users to add values to via the app. However, when I use the data grid 2, I can only now have a text filter, which does not allow for a multi select option. The drop down filter which allows for multi select only allows for enumeration or boolean inputs. For example, I have an entity called Case Manager, with the same string attribute. There are 3 Case Managers, Jane Doe, Joe Smith, and John Anderson. When I run a report with the data grid 2, I cannot figure out how to use the text filter to filter for 2 of the 3 Case Managers. Any suggestions?   Thanks!
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Set the type of the Case manager column to Custom and try if you can insert a search widget in the ‘filter-space’