Localize time format in Calendar widget

Hi all, I use Mendix’ Calendar widget for displaying availability statuses of employees. When I create a Beschikbaarheid object on one particular day, the time is formatted as desired (i.e., 04:00 – 10:00). However, when I create a similar object over multiple days, the time slot is being formatted according to US standards (i.e., 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM).   The Calendar widget is based on the (JS) Full Calendar. The documentation mentions, and the code clearly shows, the usage of Locale to localize certain aspects like time formatting. As far as I know, a user’s locale is determined through the browser, server or geolocation. Yet, I then still don’t understand why I keep getting two different time formats in the same context. Any suggestions?
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I have reported this bug to the respective department within Mendix. It was fixed in version 0.26 of the current library they use (react-big-calendar), but unfortunately they cannot fix this at the moment as it adds too much breaking changes due to they are using v0.19 of it. They already have a task in their backlog to update the widget this quarter to a shiny new version using pluggable widgets apis. My  support ticket will be converted into a feature request and will be considered during the conversion. For now we will need to wait for the new major version update for the widget to be released, which should be v2.0.0.