Calendar widget: Event entity should not be same as context entity

I am using the calendar widget ( and I have a question about the use of it. I have discovered something very weird. When I place the calendar widget on a page I set the datasource of that widget to a microflow that returns a list of an entity. That works great. The thing is I must also set an event entity. I set the event entity to the same entity that is returned by the  microflow.  There a re 2 things that are very weird.    The widget must be placed in a dataview? Why ?? I have set the datasource in the widget When I run my app I get an warning message: Event entity should not be same as context entity   Can somebody explain how the calendar widget works?
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The needs to be inside of a dataview correct.

It does this so that you can associate your events to a specific calendar. For example lets say that you want users to keep track of their meetings, you would want a calendar object for each user so they don’t see other peoples appointments.

So I would create an entity called calendar with no attributes, and associate your event entity to it. Many to one.

Then when you access the calendar page your dataview can have a source of microflow that gets or creates the calendar.