Data Grid Search Filters: Cannot read properties of null (reading toString) error

Hi all, I’m adding some filters to a datagrid where the datasource is a microflow. I’m doing this with the widget “Data Grid Search Filters”. Works like a charm but not when searching on a associated attribute. The grid entity is a certificate that has a asso with a person. The person’s name is added to the grid and the filters shows up. Nice. However, when addind data it gives me this error:  Cannot read properties of null (reading 'toString') TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'toString')     at http://localhost:8080/widgets/widgets.js?637781008102718357:2324:54     at datasource._filter (http://localhost:8080/widgets/widgets.js?637781008102718357:2376:26)     at Array.filter (<anonymous>)     at http://localhost:8080/widgets/widgets.js?637781008102718357:2404:67 This error also pop’ up when filtering on a dateTime.   Any idea? Thanks ahead!
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Widget author here. I don’t have time to maintain this (it’s community-supported) but welcome any forks or pull requests to improve it!


Anyone? :) 


It seems that the issue is with the storeState function found in the various js file such as ButtonFilter.js

Removing this function from the JS file fixed the problem for me, not sure about other implications of this change though.