Powerful text editor - experience?

Hi all, I am looking for a powerful text editor integrated in a mendix application. We are currently using the standard Rich Text Editor from the marketplace which fulfills some but not all of our requirements especially: creation of tables and its formatting (coloring and merging of cells etc.) image embeddings   We also worked with the ckeditor for mendix, which would fulfill our requirements but we stopped now as it contains some outdated libraries and is not regularly maintained. Would be curious if there is some experience in how to realize our requirements in Mendix in the best way. In case we need to build it individually what would you recommend? Starting with the existing ckeditor widget or from scratch?
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If you don’t see something existing that meets your needs, my recommendation would be to find a React component that meets your needs and wrap it as a pluggable widget.


And it seems there is a CKEditor for React these days:


Would still be nice though if Mendix could decide which Rich text editor it wants to use and made the native capable version of it.