Data Grid 2 Drop-down filter issue with Custom filtering options

Hi, I'm using the Data Grid 2 widget (version 2.2.2 release date 1/19/2022). On the widget I added a drop-down filter on an enumeration field. The enumeration has values wih a space or a dot in the caption. On the drop-down filter in the Data Grid 2 widget I use the ‘Create options..’ (do not want to use the Automatic options). I configure an option using an enumeration with the space (or dot) in the caption. When I load the application the page shows the message 'There are invalid values available in the Drop-down filter’ and I can't use this filter. When I change the selected enumeration value in the Options configuration of the Drop-down filter to a value without a space or dot, the filter works fine. If I set the drop-down filter to ‘Automatic options’, all enumeration fields are shown.
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I’ve used the getKey() function in my projects with the enumeration value, like: