Advanced Excel - Error

Hello everyone, I use Excel importer (v 9.1.2), Excel Exporter (v 6.1.3), Advanced Excel (v1.0.11) for my project in Mendix v8.18.5. I noticed that the Excel importer and Exporter use poi-ooxml version 4.1.2, whereas Advanced Excel uses 4.1.1. I saw another question in Forum and I tried removing the list of 4.1.1 jar files.     I still get the following error.     Does anyone have a solution to this ?. Or the poi-ooxml has to be updated to v4.1.2 ?.    Greetings Jasper 
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Not sure about all this, but first try reimporting the three Excel-modules to see if the 4.1.1 jarfiles return. They probably do. Still have the error? Then thry to contact the module-makers for an upgrade of the poiooxml