Load Graphs Only When Viewing Tab/Limiting Graph Range

Hi there, I have overview tabs containing graphs. The first shows the output of all the machines/stations of a facility, and the other the overall production of a facility. Due to the requirement to constrain the data to a dynamic time period (current date-time – {x} days/hours), as well as to show the full axis width, I had to resort to retrieving the data using a microflow, else the axis automatically scales to the retrieved data’s date range. The data itself does not really have a large impact on the application’s resources, however, the cumulative impact on the resources of all the machine’s graphs is a challenge. I believe that this can be overcome by either Loading the graph data only when viewing the selected tab Constraining the axis of the charts and looking switch over to a database retrieve of the data   I have raised the latter on Plotly’s forums (although if you know how the constrain it, please let me know), but I want to know how can I constraint the loading of the graphs to only when viewing the specific tab? 
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The problem with tabs it that ALL the data will be loaded. You might want to rethink the user interface. Could it also be done with a button that opens a popup or a new page to show that specific data? Because it might not make a difference for the end user to click the tab or to click a button on the first page. Both times the person has to click something.