Paginating gallery API button

I have an API that returns a lot of results in non persistable entities. Initially, I only show the first 20 results which are split out into pages of 10 using pagination. At the end of the list (not the page) I want to have a button at the bottom which shows the next 20 results. I'm using a gallery to display the results and I cannot use a list view with pagination due to the non-persistable entity data source. How can I add a button at the end to call the microflow?
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Create a non persistent entity and make sure the data retrieved from the api is associated with this entity.

Let’s call the new entity result, when calling the API create 1 record of the entity result and after the (assuming) REST call change the results to create the association to the result record.

Then open a page taht contains the Result record in a Dataview, inside this dataview nest a listview that shows the retrieved records over the assocaition. Now you can display the data in a listview while all data is still non-persitent.

Hope this helps in finding the solution for your usecase.