Any way to achieve attached hierarchy tree in mendix?

I am new to Mendix and I am trying to achieve a hierarchy tree like this: I have tried all tree related marketplace widget and none of them were useful so far. How do I make this in Mendix?
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There is a Tree View widget on the marketplace called “D3TreeView” or on GitHub which is more or less what you probably want. Never configured it myself though. You would probably need to do a lot of css though and smart domain modeling.

Maybe you can download it and try it or find out how to create a hierarchy tree yourself by looking at it. Hope this helped a bit.


You could solve this

  1. By using nested listview and smart domain model + CSS skills
  2. By using a custom widget (+ related domain model) 


Don't know your skills outside Mendix. But my advise is when you are a starter with Mendix. Please first use the standards in MEndix, understand the concept in Mendix and then go next level like this.