how to pass the info to the next widget based on the click action on one of the labels shown on iframe

Experts,       We have embedded an external app in an iframe. This app essentially has a 3d model loaded with labels like part ids. If I click one of the label / part ids, I want to be able to pass this info to the video player widget next to the iframe and the widget plays a video. Is it possible to capture the click events in iframe? If anyone has worked on this kind of a scenario, appreciate if they can share a sample code / steps to do that.   
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Do you control the content being shown in the iFrame? If you do, you could use JavaScript to call the Window.postMessage() method to an event listener on the parent page. You can control the content of this message, so you could add details of the model clicked on in the iFrame. 

If you don’t control the content in the iFrame, I don’t think there is anything you do.