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Hi all, I am struggling with a seemingly easy issue but I do not find a solution. So I have a list view that is nested in a dataview. I want the listview to refresh when the object of the data view changes. That works perfectly if the datasource of the list view is a microflow but for some reason that does not work when the datasource is XPATH. I cannot seem to find any docs on whether that is expected behavior or not. I know I could simply use microflows as a datasource but then the list view controls such as paging and header sort do not work. Any suggestions?
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Indeed expected behavior. Or let me rephrase, I do expect this behavior. As otherwise on each refresh of the enclosing object a database call would be made. Which is in my opinion something you don't want to have by default.

Seems you execute a microflow or nanoflow, which refreshes the enclosing object. 

When using a nanoflow you could use the RefreshEntity action, to refresh the ListView entity.
Didn't use this myself yet, though worth a try.


Hi Rene,

Thanks for the feedback. I have been looking at this from different angles and indeed tried the “RefreshEntity” action as well, but nothing seems to refresh the list view as long as I use xpath as datasource.

This behavior is not really consistent with newer widgets it seems. I put a “gallery” widget on the same page and that does just refresh when I refresh the enclosing object. 

It also seems inconsistent with using a microflow as a datasource in the list view, because then the list view does refresh.

I am going to take a step back and look at potential solutions / work arounds.




I am facing the same issue. Did you find a solution for this problem?


Thanks in advance!