how to select a table row with radio button in data grid or data grid 2?

I'm new to mendix. creating an app which display a table of details of multiple people row-wise. and every row needs to have a radio button. and there's a click button below the table. so after selecting a row with radio button I'll click on the button and go to that persons detailed page. but unable to add radio buttons in data grids. Please help. Thank you in advance!
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I implemented something similar in datagrid 2, where a user can select one or more rows using ‘checkboxes’.
But this setup can also be used for your solution.

The trick is to add a custom content column to the datagrid 2.

  1. Below is my custom content column

2, a) In my case the custom content field contained two ‘link’ buttons with a check/unchecked glyphicon. 
        Alternatively you can use an image instead of a glyphicon.

  b) The visibility of the buttons is linked to a boolean attribute, so only one button is displayed at a time.
  c) The onclick action of the button triggers a microflow, which flips the boolean attribute,
      In your case, you can open the persons details page.


Hi Prathamesh,


In datagrid, to see a persons details you don’t need a radio button to select, you could use default select behaviour.

In Datagrid 2 it could be added using a dataview in the row and add the radio or checkbox inside the data view and select the attribute.