How to select multiple rows using checkbox in list view?

Hello all, I have created a listview that contains some users' data and now I want to select multiple users at a time using a checkbox and delete that data. So how can I do that?
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Hi Madura,

While Matteo’s suggestion will work, I suspect in the on change microflow you will have to commit the object in order to be able to retrieve all the objects that were selected. 

If you don’t want to commit say because the user can just select and then decide not to do anything with them (well then those objects are already committed and then you’ve to build some other mechanism to correct), here is another option:

- Add an attribute isSelected to the entity

- Add a helper non persistent entity and associate it to your main entity

- On the page where you display the data, wrap this listview under a dataview of Helper entity

-The button for deletion resides in the dataview (thus it has context of Helper object)

- On change of isSelected → associate or remove the association to the helper object

- On delete button → retrieve the list and perform operation as required. If you’re doing anything other than delete just ensure to not commit IsSelected to true

Hope it helps!


Hi Madhura,

- Add an attribute isSelected to the entity

-When clicking the checkbox change the isSelected boolean on the data, with an on change microflow.

- Create a delete button which starts a microflow that retrieves all the data in the listview that is checked as selected and then delete that.

Hope this helps!


Don’t you just hate it when you have to add an attribute to your entity, just to get some UI-trick to function? Yeah? So do I. Have a look at Atlas3Extras. It does not have a solution for your exact requirements, but you might be able to create it based on the examples.