Selectable objects via nanoflow in native app

I am using a reference selector in a native app. In selectable objects, I cannot see nanoflow source as we have in the web apps (microflow) Using Xpath, I can only apply constraint based on attributes of the data source entity but not on association from that entity. The associated object has 1 to many relation with the data source entity where many side is the data source. I want to display those selectable objects whose parent object (1-side of relation) matches another object available in page context. I cannot access it other way round due to 1-* relation. It is easy to implement in a nanoflow and return those filtered objects list for reference selector. Any workaround to implement it?
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The simplest implementation (and often a nicer UX) is to use "select pages". From your main page, let the user tap on a “selector” which is really just a container. When tapped, open a new page where you provide the list of options. Can be a list view sourced via nanoflow. When an option is tapped, close the page.