CustomDropdown: Search through a big dataset without impacting performance

Dear All, After testing the built-in entity selector and other dropdown widgets we decided to use the Custom Dropdown widget from Mendix to select (for example) customers on an order or invoice. I noticed that the widget is getting all records which are available in the dropdown from the a microflow (in the example called GetAnimalOptions). But all of them at once at the beginning. And the search is just searching through that list. As the number of options in the database might be huge (like millions) I tried to change the XPath of that microflow to pull only the top 10 or 100 records which match the search the user inputs. But it seems that microflow is not getting called again while I am typing. Also OnFocus or other microflows I can connect with the widget don’t allow me to add such functionality. Does anyone of you has experience with this or other searcheable dropdown menus / entity selectors if/how to filter the database request while the user starts searching (for example once the first 3 characters are typed)? Or is the widget handling this already under the hood? Or Mendix doesn’t mind to retrieve here a large list?
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