Need a widget/method to show the countdown time

Hello All, I am developing an application, in which I want to show the timer at the corner of the page. And the timer should start once I am on that page.  Say, once I land on the page, the timer should show me 59:00 after one minute(should be automatic) it should show 58:00 and after 60 minutes, a MF should trigger which shows the time is out! We need to give the time and it should start counting down. May I know if any kind of widget is available for the same. I tried microflow timer. But over there I can’t show the timer on the page to the users. I tried timer widget as well, but nothing worked out.  Can you please help me in achieving this? Thanks in advance!
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Hi Traividya,


You can use the Timer widget from the marketplace for this.

As for the configuration you can create a timer entity with a dateTime attribute (eg. “expires”) and connect it to the System.User. Each user gets a timer then. Place the timer in a data view on a page with a microflow source and set the time attribute in the timer widget to that attribute.

In the microflow you can retrieve the timer of the currentUser (if not available create a timer object first in the same microflow), change the timer object so that the “expires” attribute is one hour after the current time (addMinutes([%CurrentDateTime%], 60)) and commit that. After that you set the timer object as the return value. This should show now show 60:00 everytime the widget is loaded.

You can also set an action for when the timer expires right below the “time attribute” option. There you can call whatever microflow you need to.


I hope this helped


Hey Lenny tried to replicate the steps which you had told but got this error

Name has an issue 

password has an issue how to resolve pls help