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Hi my name is Niels, I have been wondering if I can use the mendix map widget for a specific function on a project I've been working on. I am working with Mendix Studio Pro 9.11.0 but it won't let me select a Mendix Studio Pro version for this thread. The things I want to be able to do with the map widget are: - Add a scope to the map, so for instance only show the map of The Netherlands. - Bind the map to a data source, for instance a Location object. When I add a location object the place will become a clickable pinpoint on the map. - Make a hover function for the pinpoints (show some info about the location just like on google maps) - The hover pop-up will have a button like “show more” which sends u to a larger pop-up or page of the Location. (I will be able to do this if I have the hover pop-up up but I'll just mention it)   As you read this u might think, this sounds a lot like google maps. You're right, I want to make it similar to google maps. If anyone knows if this is possible and how to do it, please respond! Thank you in advance.   Niels
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Hi Niels,


Yes, the standard Maps widget facilitates this. 

  1. You can set scopes, though Country level is not one of them.  There is automatic though so if you have your points filled in, it might work just as well.
  2. In dynamic markers you can add a data source from your application.
  3. Hover functionality shows the title you add.
  4. Clicking the pin will show also the title. You can then define an on click action to f.e. open a page / call a microflow.


The Maps widget in 9.11 is based on google maps, so that is why it works almost like that. You do need a Google Maps API Key though. I believe this facilitates your use case: