How to change the data grid head text color NOT editing css files

Hi, I am working on showing the people’s ID and name stuff on the list using a regular data grid.  But as the picture below shows, the text color of the head of the table is a little hard to see, and I would like to change the text color to white or some lighter color. However, when I try to add the style to change color to the data grid from the Mendix pro, it also changes the actual data’s text color as well. And I know I can edit the CSS file to change the color, but if I do so, I will change the other pages' data grid head text color as well.  I want to change only the head text color and only this data grid. But does anyone know what is the best way to change the specific part of the data grid?
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You could give this datagrid a specific class, then you could target this in the CSS so the changes would only affect that datagrid and not the others.

Hope this helps.