Character length value in Text Area while typing

Hi all, I am looking for a way to get the characters length of the input a user just typed in in a Text Area, to calculate another value in a microflow. A regular OCH Event is not working in that case, since the Microflow is only triggered when the user clicks outside the box but not when typing. There is an option for that for the text box widget (On Change behaviour ‘While user is entering data’), but not for the text area. The rich text widget has this option as well but then I get a wrong length due to it’s HTML format. I also tried to use the microflow timer widget but get the same behavoiur like the regular OCH Event. The context object is non-persistant. Any ideas how I could achive that? Thanks!
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You would need to create your own widget for that. The CKEditor already has the count action. So you might be able to reuse the javascript code from there. You would also need to trigger another microflow after your count is reached. Inside the CKEditor there is also the functionality to trigger another microflow (in the CKEditor with a link button). So again you might be able to reuse the code for that.

Good luck creating the widget.