Progress Circle Widget version 1.7 vs version 3.1

The 3.1 version of progress circle widget have less functionalities than the 1.7 version. I updated from 1.7 version of progress circle to 3.1 and there are few functionalities that are missing from newer ones. Like the animate property and such.    Progress Circle 1.7  Progress Circle 3.1 Also the way of assigning values are also changed which is complicated then before and in the documentation these are named as features present in version older than 2.0.0    Progress Circle 1.7   I have upgraded the application to 9.10 but i still have to use 1.7 version of the widget, I afraid that in future it may cause some issue. Do anyone have any idea if the same can be replicated in newer version or if it is fine to use older version widget in Mendix 9.10.
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MicrosoftTeams-image (3).pngHi Prasanth 

i recommend you to use the Older Version of progress circle , Because  we migrate our app from 9.12.8 to 9.24.3 we faced an issue 

$ is not a function TypeError: $ is not a function

we think Mendix version seems to handle the loading of external jQuery files differently as opposed to i.e. Mendix 9.24.3


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