How can I visible headings of Data grid by on click of action button in output along with data.

Hi, I am trying to show data of Data grid on click of “action” button even headings should be visible after on click of “action” button. how can I do this, Please help me. and my page is  and the marked one should be visible after on click of “action” button along with data.
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I got solution by changing the visible with expression “$currentObject/Charts.FilterView_Realistic != empty” 


Hello Pranaya D


To hide or show a component in any page is possible by the use of visibility property.

I will do it like this.

  1. I will create an attribute called ex. _HideDataGrid of data type bool. It will be true by default. 
  1. Use the attribute for the visibility property of the data grid.
  2. Create an action button that switch the attribute _HideDataGrid to false and process the rest of the logic necessary for the functionility.


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Mahmood Alnasser