Trying to send data from React Pluggable Widget to Nanoflow in Mendix

Hi All, I am trying to send some data as a string to a nanoflow while calling the action.execute function in react pluggable widget. xml of react pluggable widget is  <property key="buttonAction" type="action">     <caption>On click</caption>     <description>Action to be performed when button is clicked</description> </property> tsx file   component/.tsx file –  where I am executing the nanoflow and trying to pass the value of “this.dataSetClicked” to the nanoflow.   Pluggable widget properties in Medix is   I am able to execute the associated nanoflow but not able to get the data that I am trying to pass from “component/.tsx “file. Any suggestion on how can I achieve this?
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Unfortunately there’s no way you can do this currently, afaik. The workaround I often use is using a ListActionValue instead. See the documentation:

What I do is:

In Mendix:

  1. Add a “Dummy” object with an attribute that I want to pass as a parameter to the microflow / nanoflow
  2. Modify the microflow / nanoflow to accept the Dummy object as a parameter (instead of the String) & use the Dummy’s attribute instead of the String parameter.


In the widget:

  1. Add the Dummy object as a ListValue
  2. Add the Dummy object’s attribute as a ListAttributeValue
  3. Add the microflow / nanoflow as a ListActionValue that uses the ListValue of the dummy object
  4. Modify the Dummy object’s attribute ListAttributeValue to what I want to pass to the microflow.
  5. Execute the ListActionValue on the ListValue of the Dummy object. 


It’s not optimal.. But it does work.