Unable to find open map widget

I am unable to find Open map Widget in Toolbox when I am trying to add for Nanoflow. And External activities option also missing in Toolbox. Can anyone help? I am doing Rapid Developer course in Mendix. I am following the steps mentioned in the course but not working. Please suggest your answer.
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Hi , 

Open Map is not a widget , its a JavaScriot Action . You need to call that in a Nanoflow , and use the nanoflow in your navigation .



Hi Caroline,

Please follow the steps below to resolve your issue. 

Download App Package which is provided at the particular Module starting page. 
Go to Mendix pro application. Click on File->import App Package, select the file which is downloaded and select New Mendix Team Server.

Take a break! It will take few minutes. 

After long wait & completion of importing package, automatically the app will open by default.  
Expand your App which is in App explorer->Expand Marketplace Modules->Right click on Nanoflow commons->select Export Module package.
Now App package will be downloaded to your desktop. 

Open your App now from My apps in Mendix. Now right click on Marketplace Modules and select import Module package. select the downloaded Nanoflow Module package. Expand Nanoflow commons package. That’s it. Your issue is fixed! 


Hey Ravi, 

Thanks for coming back to me. I had trouble importing the Nanoflow Commons package due to file name length. But after some renaming, exporting the original app package and creating a new app package I was able to import the downloaded Nanoflow Commons package into my app. This feature wasn’t available by default as stated in my marketplace modules. I’m now back on track. 





In 10.1.1 Studio MX Version,  Nano Flow Commons is easily available under Marketplace Modules.   Double click to get Open Map Widget.  Image is given below