Calendar Widget

Hi, I want to use the calendar widget to visualize upcoming courses. The entity I'm using doesn't have an end-date or start-date (it is set up like day1, day2, etc) because it could happen that the course isn't consecutive. For example, a course could be on Monday then Wednesday and Friday. Is it possible to set this up using the widget?
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Like you phrase it, the answer is no.

The calendar widget  work with dates. So if you don't have dates, that would become a bit hard. Like I want light, but I don’t want to use a light source.

All jokes aside:

  1. you need dates
  2. You need multiple dates
  3. Extend the model with a referenced entity 1-* which has a date attribute
  4. Instead of having a single date attribute in your CourseEvent entity, you create an object with a date for each course day.
  5. This allows you to show the list of days with the details of the referenced CourseEvent


Domain model setup would be something like this