Footer row in Data grid 1 or Data grid 2

Is it possible to add a footer row in data grid in Mendix? We need a row at the bottom of the grid to show the total of the column values. The data source for the grid is a microflow. Is there any way to achieve this, please guide.
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hii anushree,

you can apply aggregate property on the column by right click on the column.

after adding aggregation on column you will get a row at bottom that will show aggregate value of that column.


Grid Columns | Mendix Documentation


Sanjay Kushwah


Hi Anushree,

Try to make the last child of the datagrid to be sticky and give the height to the table with respect to the height of screen where you can make the last row of the datagrid as footer row and also you can design the row in the last child class itself.

For that give a class name to the datagrid as example and

.example .datagrid::last-child{

//Your code here 



Hope this helps.