Select multiple options in a dropdown/checkbox

Hi, I`m  trying to display a dropdown where the user has the option to select multiple options. I tried a few widgets like the “Bootstrap multi select” one, but I get the same “None selected” constantly if I try to click on the dropdown. I also downloaded the “Simple Checkbox Set Selector”. But if I try that one, I don`t see the checkboxes or the data. I know I`m something wrong, but I can`t figure out what.    Thank you in advance!    
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Hi Laila,

Are you sure that the control is inside of a DataView or ListView that has an object?  For example, if the entity is called Testing, do you pass a Testing object to the page?

If so, check permissions on the entity to ensure that the user you are testing with has permission to view and change the attribute.

Let me know if that corrects the issue.