error in creating a simple chart

hi, hope someone can provide some assistance.  i am using the latest mendix version 9.11.1.  i keep running into an error trying to create a simple chart.  here are the steps that i have took so far: created an entity called “entity_chart” in domain model section with only 2 columns:  domain_name (string) and count_number (long) created a microflow with a “create object”, and an “execute query” to get data from database, then output as list inserted a “list view” and set the datasource to microflow to the one above inserted a “column chart” into the “list view” and then set the datasource as microflow and selected the microflow as above (as well as selecting x axis and y axis) then the error CE7247 – microflow should have one parameter of type would show up when i add a parameter and selected the “entity” as the object, new error of CE1573 would show up   i have no idea how to resolve this, not sure why a setting a simple chart as outlined above would cause so many errors.  would really appreciate if someone can assist, i have tried many different setup and all failed, and i have tried to google and couldn’t find an answer, i went through the tutorials and also mendix documentation and no help as well thank you
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Page Consistency Errors | Mendix Documentation

Hope this could help.