Excel Export Module - Create a column with Concatenated values

Hi All, We are having two tables Department and User and have 1 → Many association between the tables. We want to do an excel export of department. While we are doing, we are getting the output as below Dept Id     Dept Name      User 1                 Dept 1                User 1 1                 Dept 1                User 2 2                 Dept 2                User 3 2                 Dept 2                User 4   Is it possible to export as below? Dept Id     Dept Name      Users 1                 Dept 1                User 1, User 2 2                 Dept 2                User 3, User 4
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Hi Nidhin,

you could use the Excel Exporter module in the marketplace to create your custom logic before the export.

A good documentation how to use it can be found in the docs and in the academy.

I created a logic which takes the list of users and creates a string (e.g. UserListAsString).

Please find below my solution (this might not be the best way, I am open for other suggestions).


Domain Model

Department DataGrid

Excel Export Action Button Configuration

ACT_DepartmentExcelExport Microflow

SUB_UserListAsString Microflow

Excel Exporter Template


Excel Export