Several entries (list of objects) in datagrid row - wrap instead of comma separation

Dear Community,  i have created a datagrid which shows in the first column the part number.  Now it has become a little more complex and there are several part numbers to cover.  Im positive astonished that the datagrid still takes this input – which is now a list of values for each row. But unfortunately the values are comma separated instead of having them sepated by a wrap in the row (a line for each value inside the row). Do you have an idea what i could do? I already tried datagrid2, but this could not even handle lists as far as i have seen.   Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.   This is the actual visualisation of the number:    This is what i want to achieve:  
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Hi Markus,

you could use DataGrid2 and for the column “Number” you could choose “custom content” to show it as a list.

Please find below an example:

Domain Model


Apply “no styling” to ListView

Final Result




Does nobody have an idea what i can do?

I am really at the end of my ideas….

Thanks in advance.




Hi Ömer, 


with some help now i am able to use Datagrid 2 in my project. Therefore i tried your suggestions and first of all it worked and looks great.  


But on the other hand now i have two other problems i can´t find an solution for:


  1. In the background there is a grey (i don´t know should this be a button) rectangle:




  1. I placed a textfilter widget above theses column and it doesn´t work correct. For example when i´m searching for “A5E” it shows me only the first entry but it should like in the screenshot before show me the two entries containing “A5E”:



         This issue is already described in the forum but there was no answer:

         I assume that it is depending on the configuration custom content.


It would be great if you perhaps could have a look on this and give me again a helping hand. 


Have a nice day.