call validaton feedback from custom widget

I’d like to do the same thing as the Validation Feedback activity from the JavaScript of a custom widget. I tried , but the message is not displayed under the attribute like Validation Feedback, but in a popup. Does anyone have any ideas?   Studio Pro 9.6.9
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What type of input/widget are you trying to show validation feedback on? Sometimes if it's on a custom widget that an attribute is tied to, it will appear as a popup as that's the behaviour when the validation feedback is unable to find the corresponding input in the client side.  


Edit: for using custom js validation to try and mimic the validation feedback action, try something like this snippet from Andries

// Subscribe to validations of an MxObject
var subscription ={
    guid: "123213",
    val: true,
    callback: function(validations) {
        var reason = validations[0].getReasonByAttribute("MyAttribute");
        console.log("Reason for validation error on attribute MyAttribute: " + reason);