Listen To (Data View Widget) not working after adding a new object to the listened to ListView

Hi Everyone, I am working on a page where the user has a list of objects on the left side and a data view listening to this list on the right side.  This is working nicely so far. Now I want the user to be able to create a new object (as the ones in the list) on that same page. After the object is created it’s added to the list as expected but for some reason the “listen to” functionality is not working after that. Mendix Version is 9.12 (not selectable for question). Does anyone have an idea what’s going wrong there or am I simply missing something?   See screenshots below: Starting Point:   Adding a new “supplier”-object (once you hit create conditional visibility hides the list and shows the new object input):   After Saving (New object added but data view not reacting anymore → see selected object in list view and wrong info in data view on the right):   Thanks in advance!   Best regards, Jan  
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Hi Jan,

A bit of an unusual design in my opinion. Typically, the NewEdit page is shown in a pop-up and the ListView is never hidden. I’m not sure if this is some sort of bug from Mendix, where it doesn’t handle properly the Listen To functionality whilst hiding the dependant List View. Might be worth raising a ticket?

In the meantime, I would actually consider changing your design. As a user, I find it a little bit strange that the Supplier Information of a previously selected Supplier still shows on the right, after I’ve clicked to create and edit a new one. You could either:

  1. Hide the ListenTo at the same time you hide the List view – maybe that will fix it and also have a clearer UX?
  2. Try a pop-up NewEdit page and never actually hide the List View




Maybe a bit more data-unfriendly way you could try: reopen/refresh the page in the same microflow where you save the new object?