How to Upgrade version of Mendix widget

I am working on Employee Hiring  application in 9.0.5 version. I want to add a notification module and a DropDownDivConverter widget in that application. But that  module and widget is not compatible to this application. That module is lower version and I am working on higher version. Can we upgrade version of widget and module ?
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Unfortunately, that takes a fair amount of work by either the widget creator or someone with the ability to rip apart the code(likely JavaScript) and update it for a newer version.

Before moving forward on finding an alternative module/widget, be sure you’re checking the “All Versions” tab of the widget in the app store. Sometimes, an update will be made for newer versions of the modeler but not reflected in the Version number on the main screen. See below. This app’s Mendix Version on the app store still reads 8.18.xx.