How to print a barcode made by the barcode generator

Hi all, Currently, I'm using the barcode generator widget to convert my strings into barcodes. However, I have trouble finding the best way to print them.  As the image below shows, it does correctly convert the barcode, but I can't save the barcode as data in the entity (Seems like System.Image can work but I need to manually print screen and save the barcode as an image then) to get it into the document PDF template that I can then print.   But I'm not even sure this is the way to do it. All I want to do is to print this barcode to be able to use it with a small label printer we have at the office. Ctrl + P works in the browser but there is data that needs to be manually cut then, so this is not ideal (see image below, stuff like the Date & Time, the “Mendix- Teacher NewEdit” and “localhost...”)   So my question is, what is the best way to print this barcode? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
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Would using a specific stylesheet for your print media help? You could use this to format the way the page prints without affecting how it renders in the browser.