How to get data from enitity

Today, I am working on building Pluggable widget.  I have created it like this to get the attribute of entity. After that, I custom file PageNative.jsx:  When I use PageNative in web, it display:  I received the value of each attribute on entity. But actually, I want to get all of list items in entity to render. For instance, id:1 , name: “Duong”, age: “22”. Is there any way to do that? Best regards, Duong
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Hi Duong,


You need to link your attributes to a list of entities by passing in a datasource property

<property key="data" type="datasource" isList="true" required="false">
	<caption>Data source</caption>
	<description />

and linking it to the attribute:


You can then retrieve the data from the list using the patterns outlined in the docs: