How to download files on click (not standard widget)?

I have a list of file attachments, I want to download the attachment by clicking on the list item, not on the default “download” button-widget. Is it possible, is there any widget for that, or any microflow action?
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Hi Maxim ,

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but if you want to download the list of the attachments in one go you can use this module “” it intreduce a java action that zips a list of file attcahments and download them at once


There is no such action directly configurable on a button. What you can do is the following

  1. Add a microflow button or set the on click action of the list view to call microflow
  2. Create a microflow
  3. Input parameter of type object, Entity equal to your document entity
  4. Add activity → download file