Excel Import error when Key of main object is the same as Key of associated object

Hi all,   When I try to import an excel file via the Excel Importer I get an error message:   The following error occurred when importing document: Import_test.xlsx java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - The given member name 'AttributeName' has no corresponding member in this object of type 'MyFirstModule.EntityName'   I have seen that it only affects one row in my 100’000 row excel. And coincidentally, it is the row where the key identifier of the main object has the same value as the key identifier of the associated object   example (italic: attributes of main object / bold: attributes of associated object): ID: 45 | Date: 01.01.2022 | Text: “Test Cell” | Text 2: “Additional Text” | Total: 250.50 | IDAssociated: 45 | TextAssociated: “Associated Text” | AdditionalFee: 20   Any following Attribute of the main object that comes after the associated key will generate the error at the top. If the last used attribute of the import template is of type of that associated object there is no error   Also, I cannot adjust the order of the excel file.   Is there a way to fix that? Is this a bug?
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Hello Lenny,

You can try MX Model reflection refresh to refresh the entities and attributes and try to reselect the attribute name. If it doesn’t solve your issue please help with a screenshot of the excel importer screen?