How to control tabs based on user action

Hi Everyone, I have a page that has a tab container with three tabs. Each tab represent one system. On the same page I created one button which will fetch the data from three systems and display it in popup page. User select one result data and click the open option. Our requirement is based on selected object's source system it should open the data in respective Tab. I don’t know how to make the specific tab active based on action. Could you please let me know how to achieve this requirement.
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Hello Sreenivasarao, 


I think Tab Onclick action fit with your requirement. Please refer below link-

Mendix Marketplace - Tab Onclick Action

The only thing it supports 9.6 or higher version. so, might be you need to upgrade your project to use it.



Hi Sreenivasarao Ganapathi,

Instead of using Tab view widget from mendix, you can implement this.
Keep Three buttons and three containers with visibility  inside a dataview.

Create an Np entity N1 and add a Enumeration Attribute which has your values ( which represents tabs) User1, user2,user3 and as many you want. The default value for the attribute is User1 .


  • The data view will have context loaded with a DS Microflow which Return N1.
  • The three containers will be loaded based on visibility of the Enum Value.
  • Add an OnCliick event for each button which triggers a nanoflow which is used to change the Enum value depending on which button you are clicking and refresh the NP object to reflect the Change.

After this set up , you  Style you page like tab container with custom CSS. 

Hope this helps. 


Issue is resolved with “Tab Switcher” widget

  1. Create entity with attribute ‘TabIndex’ as follows.



        2. In your page, Add ‘TabContainer’ and place TabSwitcher widget on top of it.



       3. Change ‘TabSwitcher’ settings



       4. In your action, based on  ‘TabIndex’  property value of Root entity Tab will switch.