Color of Current Day on Calendar Widget

Hello, Is there a method to change the color on the current day in the calendar widget? The blue color does not match my company’s color standards.   Best, Joey
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Yes, find the class that sets the calendar current day using the browser’s inspector:

So go the calendar.scss, line 53 and change it to your company’s prefered color. But since that Calendar.scss is part of code you can not modify, you need to override that piece of styling with you own, more specific style.

One way is to add a class to the calendar and add to your main.scss or any more specific .scss.

Tried this just now and even without a class adding this to main.sccs already changes the color to green:

.widget-calendar .rbc-today{
    background-color: green;    



Hello Tim, thank you for responding. I did the following (added a class to the main.scss) and it is still overwritten by the code that I cannot edit. I attached a screenshot of the inspection of the element. Let me know if you have any additional insight on this.