How can I make the day/week view of the calendar widget display starting at a specific time?

The current day/week view of this widget displays starting at 12:00AM and ending at 11:59PM, but I’d like it to start at 8:00AM, and if possible end at 10:00PM. Is there a way to do this? I found this related question on the forum, but it looks like it was asked and answered about 7 years ago, and I wasn’t sure it was still relevant. I’m using Mendix 9.12.1
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It is indeed still relevant in the sence:

  • Yes, there still is no calendar-property setting the day’s start and end time
  • The mpk is very likely usable and it has a lot of other extra options to choose from, although importing it will get you the message ‘CE6508, not compatible with this mendix version’. So you will have to upgrade the widget by yourself.

Alternatively you can have a look at ‘Scheduling’ which has a different approach, but has more options to configure the view.

A screenshot of Eric Tieniber’s calendar-properties. Looks promising.