css stye of validation

Dear All How can i find the css style of the validation ? because i want to set the css style  of container just like css style of the validation. Just like below picture.
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Look in the scss-files in your project’s theme directory. Search on ‘validation’. That will bring you to _input.scss:




I set css style to the Container`s style as below,but it looks like unuseful.

Am I setting it wrong?

  1. open your project in Explorer from Mendix studio pro,  App > Show App Directory in Explorer.
  2. In Explorer navigate to themesource\atlas_core\web\core\widgets\_inputs.scss
  3. Open Scss file in Vs code or any code editor and in line 137 you vill find the class name .has-error .mx-validation-message
  4. changes you make here will reflect in all of your validation 
  5. but I recommend you to not edit your _input.Scss instead after step 1 go to  theme\web\main.scss. mention the class name “.has-error .mx-validation-message” and add your css here.
  6. if you want to do for induvial gave a class name for the input in Mendix studio and give the style under the call name like below
  7. “your_Class_Name{ .has-error .mx-validation-message{ Your_style}}.