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Hello, In previous versions of Mendix, to filter on a ListView, I used the MarketPlace component "List view controls" ( However, in the description of the component, they indicate that it has been deprecated and encourage the use of another component called "Data Widgets" ( The problem I have is that these new filters are not compatible with ListViews. I understand that the Gallery is similar to the ListView and that on Gallerys these new filters can be used, but I have a DataView that I need to listen to a ListView and as far as I understand the listening cannot be done with a Gallery. So how can a ListView be filtered for different attributes? For example, a filter for the first name, another filter for the last name, another for the age... I can only set the "Search On" property, but this is a single filter for several attributes. I need them to be individual. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Christian,


To solve this problem, you can use a textbox search for each attribute you want to filter on the list view.

By matching each textbox search bar with the attribute you want, you create the filtering feature you describe.

I hope this helps .




Sample :


Listento can be done with Gallery, also with Treeview and with DataGrid2. It is just some extra hassle to set-up.


See these two forum-question on how to do it:

For DataGrid2: (should als work with Gallery and Treeview)

For Gallery and Treeview: