Template grid is not refreshing

hello everyone i am using template grid to get the checkbox values.as picture below says as per the left side reference selector input value, the right side dataview will get refreshed . right side in list view i have implemented the template grid  microflow as datasourse , after run the project when i select reference input the right side dataview is not getting refreshed when i remove the template grid ,run it and select value in reference selector i will get remaining widget values. all my logic was implemented in listview MF.(  any reason that dataview is not refreshed when i implement templae grid.? anyone please help me out.      
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So you want the datasource on the right side of your page to refresh once the reference selector has been filled in?


If so, then you should refresh the context of the page (not visible in this screenshot) This should trigger the microflow to be refreshed.

You can do so by using an Onchange microflow on the desired reference selector.



As Roy said, the DS Microflow will get triggered when the following events occur, 

  1. During Page loads 
  2. Refresh the object connected to the page. 

As per your requirement, in the onchange microflow, if your refresh your context of the page, your ds microflow will get triggered again