Change attributeValue string that is displayed in dataView widget

Hi all, I have a dataView widget that displays certain attribute values of an object. The attribute values are strings of this format: for example “PT08H00M00S” (meaning 8 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds) However, I do not want to display the value in this format, but display (for example): “08:00 o’clock”. How can I do that? Creating a microflow to edit the string? But then how do I use it in the attribute value of the dataView widget? Thanks, Charlotte
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Hi Charlotte Mueller,
First thing is you will have to add a new Attribute for to show in your Desired format. While calling the Dataview Page, perform your Conversion in microflow and then set the Value in the Attribute you have created and show the page. 
For Conversions you can make use of String functions as Roy Mentioned.



it seems like,  you want to convert string into date time. for this you can use parsedatetime() to convert string into date in microflow.

To display or select date and time in dataview, please refer below link and download react date time picker widget and use it in dataview-

Mendix Marketplace - React DateTimePicker




Or use a substring to find the correct values (according if the source string (PT08H00M00S) remains the same)

Determine the position of the first number, take 2 symbols, store it in a variable and keep doing the same until you have all the values you need and combine those to a new string/attribute


edit: I'm not sure if parsing will work, since there are also letters involved in this case