Troubles filtering a ReferenceSetSelector data source by a ReferenceSelector

I have a page in which I’m able to upload certain domains to digital threads that are related to an specific Industry. I also have a page in which I want to create evaluation studies (DMAs) that are related to a certain Industry so that the user can choose multiple domains of the available industry domains. The industry selection widget is a ReferenceSelector and I what this widget to filter the available domains when I select them through a ReferenceSetSelector.   So, as you can see in this example, I’m creating a DMA with Name INA for the Consumer Products & Retail Industry. What I need to happen is that when I click the Domain ReferenceSetSelector the available Domains in the second popup (“Select Domain” page) are filtered by the previous selected Consumer Products & Retail Industry. In this example I’m getting the whole bunch of Domains (all the database) no matter the Industry I selected previously. Do you know how can I filter this list by keeping the ReferenceSetSelector so I can choose multiple options of domains? Here is a screenshot of the domain model so that you can somehow picture the structure of the app.
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So i assume you want 2 drop downs

where 1st  dropdown is from database and 2nd dropdown is dependent on 1st one.

Lets asssume you have 3 entities 

Entity 1 is DMA (In your case)

Entity 2 is dropdown 1

Entity 3 is dropdown 2

So keep DMA as Dataview and Inside that call a non persistent data view (create a non persistent entity and have 1-* association with Entity 2 ) Make that non persistent data view’s datasource as microflow , open that microflow and do as follows

Retrieve entity 2 → create object (Map the non persistent association)→ iterate over Entity 2  → inside loop change the created object and map it → make sure you return the object 

Once these steps are done 

You will have  DMA Data view and inside that non persistent’s data view ,Now inside the non persistent’s data view call another data view of with entity 3 (make sure you have an 1-1 association between entity 2 and 3),Later call another reference selector inside that (make sure it is 1-1 association) double click on reference selector , go to selectable objects call a microflow and do as follows

Retrieve entity 2 → over association call 1-* association between entity 2 and 3


To check if its working save entity 2 data independently and entity 3 data in entity 2 in separate pages , so that it reflects in your DME page.