Advanced data grid functionalty

DataGrid 2.  Is a bit limited.   I am looking for much more advanced data grid capability, in addition to the DATAGRID2 functionality, e.g. Multilevel grouping Adding columns for computation, with GRAND TOTAL SUM Applying SUM, COUNT, AVG, etc to any numeric columns High lighting cells, of rows based on conditions Pivot tables based on selections Moving columns around Ability for user to select the columns they want to see In-row editing Create reports – Export to PDF with or EXCEL with the datagrid format and company logo   Does anyone have any experience with grids/add-on grids that can provide this. There are several datagrid specialists products, but I do not know if they can integrate with MENDIX. I asking this question to see if anyone has had any experience or knows a ADD-ON that is compatible with MENDIX. Many thanks.          
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Datagrid2 does have 4, 6 and 7;

5 and 9 are not an add-on but another widget entirely;

Would love to see 1, 2, 3 and 8 added to the Datagrid2. For now, there is the option to create this with a galary-widget. But that is hardly out-of-the-box.

But for answering your question: see how far this module gets you :