Avoid multiple creation of records in file dropper widget

Hello, I am using file dropper widget to upload image. I have an Entity A which is generalized with system. image and is used as page parameter and also the data source for the file dropper. Now after I click on save button I found that the image which I have uploaded as created an another record and the object of Entity A which I passed as page parameter has no contents in it and file size is also -1. How can we avoid this multiple creation of records and save the image contents in object passed in page parameter?
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Add the File dropper widget to the associated object(data view) of the file document entity(Entity A). So that Entity A object wont be duplicated.

Add the File dropper to History Object and map the association to context in the file dropper widget as shown below


By this way, whenever file documents are added to the application those objects will be committed