Pick object from list of objects

Hello! I’m very new to mendix and need the user to select an object from a list of objects that has a variable size. As you can see from the domain model, I have a person entity with multiple programs. I need the user to pick a program. I have a microflow that retrieves the list of programs, but mendix won’t allow me to have the user pick from that list. The drop down widget will not allow me to use a list of programs as its data source. Does anyone know how to have the user pick an object from a list of objects on a page?
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You probably want PersonA to be able to pick ProgramY, even if some other person has already picked ProgramY.

If this is indeed you situation, than you need a *-* relation. After having changed the association, replace the “drop-down” widget with a “input reference set selector”. Set its datasource to your entity ‘Program’. Then right-click the widget and select ‘Generate Select page’